Our Story

Colorado Public Television (CPT12) is honored to be helping young people tell their stories, finding their voices, revealing their truths and learning valuable skills in the process.

More than fact and figures, we believe that compelling storytelling is key to helping our community understand the dropout crisis and the impact that individuals, families and organizations can have when they really hear about students in crisis.

Helping kids be heard is the foundation for our American Graduate initiative – to foster understanding, open hearts and inspire action so that together we can find solutions.

To this end, CPT12 continues its community engagement with a selection of Youth Voices opportunities designed to help at-risk youth tell their stories. Once created, the station will use this youth-created media to shape a wider understanding and civic dialogue around the myriad and complex reasons a child disengages from school: socio-economic challenges… racial issues… early educational experiences… when addressing Colorado’s dropout crisis.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase community awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the dropout crisis’ complexity; and
  • Increase civic dialogue and participation in solutions and action plans.

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